5 essentials for your work from home office

With Working from Home (WFH) becoming the default yet again for many businesses in Singapore, some of us are rediscovering the pain points that come with these arrangements. One of the biggest hurdles of WFH is setting up a home office with the right tools and gadgets. But once you’ve gotten it right, it all gets easier from then on.  At Creativemark, we’ve got you covered with a compiled list of key WFH essentials that you may need to ensure a comfortable and productive experience.

1. Notebook Planner

Stay organized and make a list of tasks to be completed each day! A daily planner helps you stay on track, reduce your stress, and help your productivity soar. It is very portable and keeps a bird’s eye view of your upcoming meetings and deadlines.

2. Adjustable Laptop Stand

You often find yourself craning your neck while working on your laptop. Peripherals like an Adjustable Laptop Stand can help in improving your posture and prevent any muscle tension.

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Investing in a great wireless keyboard and mousepad set will pay dividends in the long run. The best ones would allow you to type and scroll through your never-ending reports efficiently while naturally matching your typing style and ergonomic positioning. Furthermore, with these wireless gadgets, it adds the extra convenience to your workflow, not having to worry about routing the chords.

4. HD Webcam

With video conferences and Zoom meetings being the ‘new norm’ for communication, investing in a good quality webcam is vital in ensuring a smooth meeting with your VIP clients.

5. Wellness Kit

Work hard, but don’t forget to relax and de-stress after a long day of work. Release some of that pent up stress and emotions with a stress ball. Relieve the tension of your back and neck with our Muscle relaxer after long hours being glued to the computer screen.

A home office should ideally be a separate space in your home that is properly outfitted for work. With an optimal set up, you will definitely see major improvements in your efficiency levels. Maintaining a good work-life balance is also key in preserving healthy boundaries between professional and personal lives.