Tips to reconnect with your clients while working from home

As the calamity of Covid-19 looms the world, we face radical shifts in our lifestyle- both social and work lives. Face masks became mandatory and ‘social distancing’ is now our favourite buzzword. For many businesses, the en masse work-from-home moment altered the way we handle and manage our operations and client-relationships. Face-to-face meetings are restricted which brings about an array of challenges. However, building and fostering our clienteles virtually are still possible. Here are some ways we can still proactively reconnect with our clients albeit the pandemic.

1. Revamp your Customer-First agenda

Presently, you need to reconsider your Consumer Experience (CX) strategies to help your business helm through these trying times. Now is the time to rekindle and reconnect with clients by upholding a strong brand identity and utilizing the use of social media and telecommunication channels.

At Creativeans, we believe that effective branding is a vital element to a deeper brand-client relationship and communication. Empathy and transparency are one of the main attributes to an effective Consumer-First strategy. You want to build trust with your clients by making honest and genuine proclamations and communicate with them consistently. Show that you care and provide the right emotional responses to your client’s circumstances. This is expressed through targeted marketing and communication initiatives embarked by your business. This is key in managing your client’s expectations, possible bottlenecks and new initiatives during these challenging times. Brands that communicate how they can help the client have been shown to have greater potential of building stronger long-term trust and brand power within the market.

Alternatively, sending a customised token of appreciation to clients is effective in letting them know their business is valued, and encourage them to continue their service or become brand evangelists to your brand. This enhances your brand value and loyalty amongst your clients.

Here at CreativeMark, we are a one stop service for designing, manufacturing and supplying customised products and gifts. We are driven by our mission to produce solutions that help organisations create positive change. Here are some customised corporate gift ideas that you and your business can consider!

Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wraps Packaging

As the world places a greater emphasis on sustainability, these Beeswax Wraps Packaging will be a great gift for your Work-From-Home clients to keep that midday snack fresh!

Customised Spoons for Any Occasion

A simple yet unique gift that can be customised for any occasion – Festivities, customised company logos and more.

Tea Gift Set

Nothing beats a warm cup of tea after a long day of work to soothe your soul. A lovely way to wind down and take some much-needed time for yourself.

Customised Tea Towel

Personalised tea towels are a perfect gift for your clients. Its versatile, functional, and budget-friendly. Add in your own company logo or quotes to add a personal touch.

2. Enhance your Social Media and Digital presence

As business travel comes to a halt, and face-to-face meetings have been greatly restricted, we need to get creative in the way we continue to manage our communication with clients. There are many innovative ways to meet clients, even virtually. With the proliferation of Social Media and telecommunication channels such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meets, it provides us with many opportunities to build and grow relationships with clients.

For example, you can host a ‘Lunch and Learn’ virtual session. This provides that normalcy of ‘connecting with clients over lunch’ whilst being in the comfort of your homes. Once lunch is underway, both you and your clients can start sharing service/product information and offering solutions to fit client’s needs. It is definitely a meaningful and familiar experience. And right now, familiar feels good.

In other instances, Webinars and online networking sessions can be organized as a form of community building and interaction between internal and external clients. Furthermore, regular follow-ups on digital platforms (Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) are effective methods in giving your clients a chance to be heard and engaged with.

In essence, during these uncertain times, it’s paramount for us to embrace the ‘new normal’. Those old relationship-building methods may not be as relevant now and it’s time to get creative with the way we communicate with clients. With the right tools, platforms and a proactive communication strategy, strong client relationships are still within reach.