Fullsun Marketing
Tote Bag

Founded in 1995, Fullsun Marketing Pte Ltd has been providing high quality sanitary wares and fittings for public facilities for more than 22 years. Their specialization is in the medical sector, having extensive experience in hospitals and nursing homes. They offer complete solutions for all bathrooms needs, and are the supplier for TOTO and ECO brand sanitary wares. In addition, they are also the importer for LOUIS fitting and grab bars for hospitals, nursing and elderly homes.

An industry leader, Fullsun is committed to continue to be one of the most sincere, trustworthy and innovative sanitary solutions providers in Singapore.

Packaging Production

Designed and produced a tote bag for Louis, a premium sanitary ware brand that strives to raise public health standards around the world.

31cm x 35.5cm
Sew to size, Gold Heat Transfer