Jiak Packaging
Jiak Packaging

Jiak is a sauce dish and holder that takes its inspiration from local culture where spices and sauces are adorned and treasured.In collaboration with Creativeans, we produced a series of jiak in five assorted colours. It keeps these treasures safe and accessible, while serving as a chopsticks and spoon holder.

Made of food safe ceramic, Jiak is finished with a polished surface to achieve a luxurious texture that accentuates your gourmet experience.

Packaging Production

In collaboration with Creativeans, we produced a eco-friendly packaging for Jiak. The packaging is illustrated to show the various spices commonly used in Singapore and is produced in a sustainable cardboard material.

Kraft Sticker on E flute Corrugated Board
10cm (l) x 5.5cm (h) x 10cm (w)
1C x 0C. Structural die-cut designed by Creativeans