Otters Red Packet
Otters Red Packet

Creativeans’ latest campaign, Care For Each Otter: Buy An Angbao And Support The Needy, features the first antimicrobial and FSC-certified red packet design, perfect for a festive 2022 Lunar New Year celebration while keeping us safe.This campaign is in partnership with Filos Community Services, a not-for-profit social service organisation in Singapore. All proceeds from your red packet purchase will go towards Filos and their beneficiaries.

Packaging Production

Printed on antimicrobial-varnished paper, courtesy of OVOL Singapore, these antimicrobial red packets are the first of their kind in Singapore. The odour-free surface protective varnish eliminates bacteria, mould and viruses. In efforts to make a difference to the planet, we also took the step to consciously print the red packets on FSC® certified paper that were harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

165mm (H) x 83mm (W)
Pacesetter plus Matt 150gsm with Matt Antimicrobial Laminate on the outside
CMYK + No. 102 Gold Hot Stamp + Embossed