Manufacturing Services for Consumer Goods and Lifestyle Products in Singapore

At Creativemark, we are dedicated to transforming your ideas and visions into profitable, customer-centric, and design-driven products. Our team’s industrial experience and insights help us uncover what is important to your consumers and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the entire product experience.

With expertise in various lifestyle products, including consumer goods, furniture and wearables, we combine creativity with an in-depth understanding of user experience and functionality to help you design and manufacture products that people love. Our team has the skills and resources to bring your products to life, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

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Design Towards Sustainable Products

We design sustainable products as a Singapore design company that believes sustainable design opens the opportunity to a sustainable world. We are focusing on the raw materials of each product, the manufacturing process, and the whole customer journey, which starts from the first discovery of the product to the end of using the product and can be a sustainable experience.

We help our clients design and manufacture sustainable products while simultaneously devising eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in the production process.

Services Provided

CreativeMark provides different manufacturing services to create innovative products for your company and consumers.

Corporate Gifts

We design corporate gifts that are suitable for all needs and occasions while maintaining high-quality and


We design custom packaging structure that engages customers’ visual and tactile senses to create a holistic 3-dimensional experience around your product.

Point of Sale

Our packaging design services include retail point of sale packaging that enhances and promotes your product
and brand identity while maintaining structural and cost-effectiveness.


We design product interactions and interfaces that will enhance the quality of the user experience in our
omnichannel world.

How we work
Sample Production
Mass Production
Product Roll-out

After gathering further intel from our clients, our production team and designers start developing ideas to create unique, customised products and artwork that adheres to our clients’ needs.